The autumnal equinox from the Dolmen of Magacela

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Next Friday, September 23nd, at 01:04 UT the Earth will be at a specific point in its orbit round the Sun: the September equinox. The September and March equinoxes are the only days in the year when the Sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west, across the whole planet. In practical terms the days at both the vernal and the autumnal equinoxes are divided equally into daytime and night-time, with each lasting approximately 12 hours. In fact the literal meaning of the word equinox, is “equal night” and comes from the latin word aequinoctium.

The channel will offer a live transmission of the sunrise, working within the Energy Efficiency Laboratories project (EELabs), and with the collaboration of the Office of the Director General of Tourism of the Junta of Extremadura and the project Extremadura Buenas Noches, from the Dolmen of Valdecaballeros (Extremadura).

The date is next Friday, 23rd September at 06:30 UT (07:30 local time in the Canaries, 08:30 Central European Standard Time). Sunrise will happen at 08:16 local time.