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    The Government of the Canary Islands is immersed in the execution of the Septenio programme, launched last year. In 2009, it joined the initiative of the International Astronomical Union, which declared it the International Year of Astronomy, and which the Canary Islands adopt by celebrating the Year of Heaven within the framework of the Septenium.
    HEAVEN can lead not only to the direct diffusion of the science of Astronomy through informative actions, but also to all kinds of artistic and creative expressions. In this context, and among the numerous activities carried out throughout the year, the International Photographic Competition 'Septenio 2009' was held at the end of 2008.
    In this way, THE HEAVEN was the inspiration for the 441 authors of the photographic works presented, which came together in the Canary Islands from 23 countries around the world. This successful participation gathered proposals from the national territory, from all the Canary Islands and from all the Spanish Autonomous Communities, as well as from numerous points on the world map, from places as disparate as Mexico or India, to the United States and Canada, passing through the entire South American continent and around fifteen European countries.
    All the participants in this competition, from such a diverse background, have had the opportunity to create images of enormous plasticity in which they have dealt with numerous aspects related to the celestial vault as an area that surrounds us, from astrophysical aspects to air spaces, passing through airports, transport and air routes and an endless number of infrastructures and environments in which photographers have found an inspiring context.
    The selected works that give shape to this exhibition constitute, therefore, the representation, in the Canary Islands, of an entire planet through photographic art and through the HEAVEN, in what is expected to be the first of other similar experiences in years to come.

    Principal investigator
    Alfredo Rafael Rosenberg González
    Project manager

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