Meeting on Future Instruments for the Telescopes at the Observatorios de Canarias


IACTec C/ Álvaro Martín Díaz nº 2, 38205 La Higuerita La Laguna Tenerife.


The Observatorios de Canarias are unique sites for observational Astronomy. Their location at high altitude and sky transparency make them ideal not only for night observations, including infrared and high energy astrophysics, as well as for Solar Physics. The observatories contain one of the most extensive fleet of telescopes in the world. These telescopes are equipped with a large number of instruments observing in a broad wavelength range. The main goal of this meeting is to present and discuss the plans for new instruments at the current and future facilities located at the Observatorios de Canarias. Key issues for discussion are:

  1. the future scientific direction of the observatories,
  2. whether there are holes (or overlaps) in the instrumental coverage of the different facilities,
  3. what the Observatorios de Canarias will be able to do that other observatories cannot in the next decade, and
  4. what are the synergies between the current and new facilities in the observatories.