Detecting life outside our solar system with a large high-contrast-imaging mission

Snellen, Ignas A. G.; Snik, F.; Kenworthy, M.; Albrecht, S.; Anglada-Escudé, G.; Baraffe, I.; Baudoz, P.; Benz, W.; Beuzit, J. -L.; Biller, B.; Birkby, J. L.; Boccaletti, A.; van Boekel, R.; de Boer, J.; Brogi, Matteo; Buchhave, L.; Carone, L.; Claire, M.; Claudi, R.; Demory, B. -O.; Désert, J. -M.; Desidera, S.; Gaudi, B. S.; Gratton, R.; Gillon, M.; Grenfell, J. L.; Guyon, O.; Henning, T.; Hinkley, S.; Huby, E.; Janson, M.; Helling, C.; Heng, K.; Kasper, M.; Keller, C. U.; Krause, O.; Kreidberg, L.; Madhusudhan, N.; Lagrange, A. -M.; Launhardt, R.; Lenton, T. M.; Lopez-Puertas, M.; Maire, A. -L.; Mayne, N.; Meadows, V.; Mennesson, B.; Micela, G.; Miguel, Y.; Milli, J.; Min, M.; de Mooij, E.; Mouillet, D.; N'Diaye, M.; D'Orazi, V.; Palle, E.; Pagano, I.; Piotto, G.; Queloz, D.; Rauer, H.; Ribas, I.; Ruane, G.; Selsis, F.; Sozzetti, A.; Stam, D.; Stark, C. C.; Vigan, A.; de Visser, Pieter
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Experimental Astronomy

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In this White Paper, which was submitted in response to the European Space Agency (ESA) Voyage 2050 Call, we recommend the ESA plays a proactive role in developing a global collaborative effort to construct a large high-contrast imaging space telescope, e.g. as currently under study by NASA. Such a mission will be needed to characterize a sizable sample of temperate Earth-like planets in the habitable zones of nearby Sun-like stars and to search for extraterrestrial biological activity. We provide an overview of relevant European expertise, and advocate ESA to start a technology development program towards detecting life outside the Solar System.
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