A Full-Sun Magnetic Index from Helioseismology Inferences

Pérez-Hernández, F.; Hill, F.; Braun, D. C.; Jain, K.; Tobiska, W. K.; González Hernández, I.; Díaz Alfaro, M.
Bibliographical reference

Solar Physics, Volume 289, Issue 2, pp.503-514

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Solar magnetic indices are used to model the solar irradiance and ultimately to forecast it. However, the observation of such indices is generally limited to the Earth-facing hemisphere of the Sun. Seismic maps of the far side of the Sun have proven their capability to locate and track medium-large active regions at the non-visible hemisphere. We present here the possibility of using the average signal from these seismic far-side maps, combined with similarly calculated near-side maps, as a proxy to the full-Sun magnetic activity.
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