K2-295 b and K2-237 b: Two Transiting Hot Jupiters

Smith, A. M. S.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Gandolfi, D.; Albrecht, S.; Alonso, R.; Barragán, O.; Cabrera, J.; Cochran, W. D.; Dai, F.; Deeg, H. et al.
Bibliographical reference

Acta Astronomica, vol 69, no 2, p. 135-158

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We report the discovery from K2 of two transiting hot Jupiter systems. K2-295 (observed in Campaign 8) is a K5 dwarf which hosts a planet slightly smaller than Jupiter, orbiting with a period of 4.0 d. We have made an independent discovery of K2-237 b (Campaign 11), which orbits an F9 dwarf every 2.2 d and has an inflated radius 60-70% larger than that of Jupiter. We use high-precision radial velocity measurements, obtained using the HARPS and FIES spectrographs, to measure the planetary masses. We find that K2-295 b has a similar mass to Saturn, while K2-237 b is a little more massive than Jupiter.