A Large-Area CCD Camera for the Schmidt Telescope at the Venezuelan National Astronomical Observatory

Baltay, C.; Snyder, J. A.; Andrews, P.; Emmet, W.; Schaefer, B.; Sinnott, J.; Bailyn, C.; Coppi, P.; Oemler, A.; Sabbey, C. N.; Sofia, S.; van Altena, W.; Vivas, A. K.; Abad, C.; Bongiovanni, A.; Briceño, C.; Bruzual, G.; Della Prugna, F.; Magris, G.; Sánchez, Ge.; Sánchez, Gu.; Schenner, H.; Stock, J.; Adams, B.; Gebhard, M.; Honeycutt, R. K.; Musser, J.; Rengstorf, A.; Ferrin, I.; Fuenmayor, F.; Hernandez, J.; Naranjo, O.; Rosenzweig, P.; Harris, F.; Geary, J.
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The Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 114, Issue 797, pp. 780-794.

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We have designed, constructed, and put into operation a large-area CCD camera that covers a large fraction of the image plane of the 1 m Schmidt telescope at Llano del Hato in Venezuela. The camera consists of 16 CCD devices arranged in a 4×4 mosaic covering 2.3d×3.5d of sky. The CCDs are 2048×2048 LORAL devices with 15 μm pixels. The camera is optimized for drift-scan photometry and objective-prism spectroscopy. The design considerations, construction features, and performance parameters are described in the following paper.