A Seismic Signature of a Second Dynamo?

Fletcher, Stephen T.; Broomhall, Anne-Marie; Salabert, D.; Basu, Sarbani; Chaplin, William J.; Elsworth, Yvonne; Garcia, Rafael A.; New, Roger
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The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 718, Issue 1, pp. L19-L22 (2010).

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The Sun is a variable star whose magnetic activity varies most perceptibly on a timescale of approximately 11 years. However, significant variation is also observed on much shorter timescales. We observe a quasi-biennial (2 year) signal in the natural oscillation frequencies of the Sun. The oscillation frequencies are sensitive probes of the solar interior and so by studying them we can gain information about conditions beneath the solar surface. Our results strongly point to the 2 year signal being distinct and separate from, but nevertheless susceptible to the influence of, the main 11 year solar cycle.
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