The VANDELS ESO public spectroscopic survey. Final data release of 2087 spectra and spectroscopic measurements

Garilli, B.; McLure, R.; Pentericci, L.; Franzetti, P.; Gargiulo, A.; Carnall, A.; Cucciati, O.; Iovino, A.; Amorin, R.; Bolzonella, M.; Bongiorno, A.; Castellano, M.; Cimatti, A.; Cirasuolo, M.; Cullen, F.; Dunlop, J.; Elbaz, D.; Finkelstein, S.; Fontana, A.; Fontanot, F.; Fumana, M.; Guaita, L.; Hartley, W.; Jarvis, M.; Juneau, S.; Maccagni, D.; McLeod, D.; Nandra, K.; Pompei, E.; Pozzetti, L.; Scodeggio, M.; Talia, M.; Calabrò, A.; Cresci, G.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; Hathi, N. P.; Hibon, P.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Magliocchetti, M.; Salvato, M.; Vietri, G.; Zamorani, G.; Almaini, O.; Balestra, I.; Bardelli, S.; Begley, R.; Brammer, G.; Bell, E. F.; Bowler, R. A. A.; Brusa, M.; Buitrago, F.; Caputi, C.; Cassata, P.; Charlot, S.; Citro, A.; Cristiani, S.; Curtis-Lake, E.; Dickinson, M.; Fazio, G.; Ferguson, H. C.; Fiore, F.; Franco, M.; Georgakakis, A.; Giavalisco, M.; Grazian, A.; Hamadouche, M.; Jung, I.; Kim, S.; Khusanova, Y.; Le Fèvre, O.; Longhetti, M.; Lotz, J.; Mannucci, F.; Maltby, D.; Matsuoka, K.; Mendez-Hernandez, H.; Mendez-Abreu, J.; Mignoli, M.; Moresco, M.; Nonino, M.; Pannella, M.; Papovich, C.; Popesso, P.; Roberts-Borsani, G.; Rosario, D. J.; Saldana-Lopez, A.; Santini, P.; Saxena, A.; Schaerer, D.; Schreiber, C.; Stark, D.; Tasca, L. A. M.; Thomas, R.; Vanzella, E.; Wild, V.; Williams, C.; Zucca, E.
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Astronomy and Astrophysics

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VANDELS is an ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey designed to build a sample of high-signal-to-noise ratio, medium-resolution spectra of galaxies at redshifts between 1 and 6.5. Here we present the final Public Data Release of the VANDELS Survey, comprising 2087 redshift measurements. We provide a detailed description of sample selection, observations, and data reduction procedures. The final catalogue reaches a target selection completeness of 40% at iAB = 25. The high signal-to-noise ratio of the spectra (above 7 in 80% of the spectra) and the dispersion of 2.5 Å allowed us to measure redshifts with high precision, the redshift measurement success rate reaching almost 100%. Together with the redshift catalogue and the reduced spectra, we also provide optical mid-infrared photometry and physical parameters derived through fitting the spectral energy distribution. The observed galaxy sample comprises both passive and star forming galaxies covering a stellar mass range of 8.3 < Log(M*/M⊙) < 11.7.

This paper, which presents the final data release of the final high-redshift VIMOS survey, is dedicated to the memory of Olivier Le Fèvre, PI of the VIMOS instrument, world renowned expert of extragalactic spectroscopy and a pioneer in spectroscopy of the distant Universe.

All catalogues and spectra are accessible through the survey database ( where all information can be queried interactively, and via the ESO Archive (

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