Detector characterization

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In advanced scientific instrumentation it is necessary to measure each and every one of the characteristics of the detectors to allow a correct and complete interpretation of the information they provide. A first effort comes from the hand of the industry, which has been working to provide detectors with the additional benefits demanded only by the most advanced scientific instrumentation. This effort must be complemented by a characterization, or experimental measurement of their capacities, individualized for each device, a process known as detector characterization. For the correct characterization of the detectors it is necessary to have the adequate infrastructure, such as the detector characterization laboratory (LISA) of the IAC, recently extended to work in the infrared, and of the experienced personnel. For many years, the IAC has been carrying out the characterization of the detectors that have been used in its instruments and has also participated, performing these same tasks, in international instrumental development consortiums. Currently, the IAC is one of the few institutions that have this capacity for characterization and its potential transcends the frontiers of research in astrophysics.

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General view of the Astronomical Image and Sensors Laboratory (LISA). View of a laboratory with cabinets, a workbench and various electronic and mechanical elements and cables
Astronomical Image and Sensors Laboratory (LISA)
The laboratory has the infrastructures and equipment to characterize astronomical sensors
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