BRIDGES  - Ultracool dwarfs modeling: the bridge between planets and stars

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Rebolo López
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Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
181.152,96 €

BRIDGES main aim is the study of physical properties of the atmospheres ultracool dwarfs andexoplanets, modelling their spectra and comparison them with observations to get their physicalparameters and study possible biomarkers of rocky planets in the habitable zones.
The specific objectives planned in the context of BRIDGES are the following:
SO1) Investigate the general chemical composition of a set of brown dwarfs and exoplanets;
SO2) Analyze the presence of deuterium in planetary candidates imaged around young stars;
SO3) Determinate the abundance of alkali elements in brown dwarfs Ultra-hot Jupiters in exoplanet systems;
SO4) Predict the atmospheric properties of warm and temperate Earth-like planets and the potential identification of biomarkers.


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Funded by European Union