IAC contribution to Space missions: developments for SPICA and Athena and multiwavelength scientific exploitation of Herschel and other extragalactic surveys

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Pérez Fournon
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145.200,00 €
In the last two decades, Spain has built up strong IR and X-ray communities which have successfully contributed, at Co-I level, to the construction and to the scientific exploitation of basically all European InfraRed (IR) space instruments and to the participation in X-ray missions, including Athena.
The IAC has contributed to the construction of infrared instruments for the space telescopes ISO (ISOPHOT-S) and Herschel (PACS and SPIRE). This project merges all the technical and a large fraction of the scientific Spanish IR expertise to make the next step in IR astronomy from Space. We seek to make a quantitative and qualitative jump in the Spanish involvement in the design and the development of Mid and Far-IR space instrumentation, aiming at co-leading the construction of a cryogenic IR instrument and maximizing the scientific return of the present and future IR and X-ray space missions.
This IAC subproject requests the necessary funding to:
a) Carry out the scientific activities in the field of extragalactic research corresponding to the redefinition of the SPICA mission, now with European leadership, and the far-infrared instrument SAFARI.
b) Make contributions to several Herschel extragalactic Key Projects.
c) Carry out multiwavelength exploitation of the Herschel data combined with follow up studies with other telescopes and with other extragalactic surveys (SDSS, HST Frontier Fields, etc.).
From the technological point of view, the proposed activities of the coordinated project will develop key cryogenic components and facilities together with enabling technologies which are fundamental to consolidate the Spanish Co-leadership in the SAFARI instrument and in the redefined SPICA mission. 
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Pérez Fournon