Astronomy at the Canary classrooms

Nayra Rodríguez Eugenio (top) and Alfred Rosenberg (bottom), during talks and workshops given in previous teacher training courses. Credit: IAC.

The Ministry of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands and the IAC, Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence, initiate joint training projects for the promotion of astronomy, enhancing Canary Islands’ sky resources and coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the pioneering Ley del Cielo (that aims to protect sky’s quality).

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Logo de PETeR

The Educational Project with Robotic Telescopes (PETeR) is an online laboratory that aims to engage Spanish students in science and technology and to foster the acquisition of STEM skills through their active participation in real scientific research using robotic telescopes. Through the project's website, the educational community has access to

Rodríguez Eugenio
100 Square Moons images + astrograph
100 Square Moons

"100 square moons" of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) is an educational exhibition originated within the framework of the project "NIÉPCE: from the negative to the positive" which celebrated 200 years since the first photographic images. With this project, Astronomy pays homage to Photography for its major role in enhancing and

Alfredo Rafael
Rosenberg González