PI2FA - Partial Ionisation: Two-Fluid Approach

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    PI2FA project aims to advance our understanding of the magnetised solar chromosphere under a promising approach based on the multi-fluid plasma theory.

    PI2FA project will create and apply numerical tools for realistic multi-dimensional modelling of the partially ionized chromospheric plasma, going beyond the commonly used classical magnetohydrodynamic approximation. Processes related to the non-ideal plasma behaviour due to neutrals may be the key ones to solve the problem of chromospheric heating, dynamics and fine structure. The objective is to understand the processes that make the chromosphere have so high temperatures. The results may open a new window of astrophysical research with important implications for our understanding of the Sun and its magnetic activity.

    Principal investigator
    Elena Khomenko
    Project staff
    Nikola Vitas
    Peter Hunana
    David Martínez
    Mikhail Modestov
    Valeriia Liakh
    Andrea Perdomo García
    Anamaría Navarro
    Beatrice Popescu Braileanu
    Pedro Gonzalez-Morales
    Paul Cally
    Slava Lukin
    Ramon Oliver
    Turlough Downes
    Sergei Shelyag
    Istvan Ballai

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