HC2NP 2019: 2nd Workshop on Hadronic Contributions to New Physics Searches


Hotel Vallemar. Puerto de la Cruz. Tenerife

Martín Camalich

Along with the direct searches of new particles at the LHC, low-energy phenomenology offers many complementary ways to search for physics beyond the Standard Model. The low-energy searches, however, are often hindered by the insufficiently precise knowledge of hadronic contributions. The last decade has witnessed tremendous progress towards ab-initio and model-independent determinations of these contributions. The purpose of this meeting is to cross-examine the empirical and theoretical progress in this field and the implications in beyond-the-SM physics. 

The 2nd Edition of Hadronic Contributions to New Physics searches (HC2NP 2019) wil take place in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) from September 23 to 28 and  will focus on the following  SUBTOPICS:

  • Muon and electron g-2 : To review theoretical progress on the predictions in light of the upcoming measurement of the Muon g-2 FNAL experiment. To review also BSM in the context of a broader paradigm of LFUV or new experimental proposals.
  • Long-distance contributions to meson FCNCs: Long-distance contributions in B, K decays and their mixing are crucial to interpret the flavor anomalies. We aim at reviewing relevant lattice and phenomenological calculations, including the status of electromagnetic corrections, and the BSM implications of this program.
  • Baryon structure: Cross-examine lattice and phenomenological determinations of nucleon and nuclear structure and their interplay with direct searches of DM, searches of New Physics or neutrino experiments. Specific applications include BSM ideas related to the neutron lifetime,  radiative corrections to nuclear β decays and the proton-charge radius puzzle.

The website of the past edition of this workshop, HC2NP 2016, can be found here

This event is sponsored by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias and Spanish MINECO through the ``Ramón y Cajal'' program RYC-2016-20672.