Conferences and talks


The Seminars and Colloquia that will take place soon and the previous presentations can be found in IAC Talks.

Seminar Committee Members: Michael Beasley, Adriana de Lorenzo-Cáceres, Hans Deeg, José Eduardo Méndez Delgado, Francesca Pinna, Maitane Urrutia Aparicio

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  • 1st IAU-G5T seminar: The revolution of task-based computing, applied to stellar and planetary atmospheres

    (This seminar is organized by the IAU G5 commission on stellar and planetary atmospheres) Task-based computing is a method where computational problems are split into a large number of semi-independent tasks (cf. 2018MNRAS.477..624N). The method is a general one, with application not limited to traditional grid-based simulations; it can be applied

    Aake Nordlund


  • Reconstructing the history of the Milky Way and probing the dark matter nature in WEAVE and LSST era

    At present, our understanding of the formation history of the MW is limited due to the complexity of observing the imprints of accretion events and of reproducing them in numerical simulations. Moreover, though being the only galaxy, in which the Galactic potential can be probed in detail, the distribution of mass in the MW, and hence of the dark

    Guillaume Thomas


  • The Cosmic NeuTRIVIA game

    In this talk, we shall review the impact of the neutrino properties on the different cosmological observables. We shall also present the latest cosmological constraints on the neutrino masses and on the effective number of relativistic species. Special attention would be devoted to the role of neutrinos in solving the present cosmological tensions.

    Olga Mena