Physical properties of asteroid surfaces 2: Novel spectrometric modeling

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8 Nov 2016 - 09:45 Europe/London


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Series: XXVIII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics: Solar System Exploration

Topic: Physical Properties of Asteroid Surfaces

Lecture 2: Novel spectrometric modeling

In his second talk, Dr. Muinonen focuses on multiple scattering, describing in detail processes such as the radiative transfer and coherent backscattering (RT-CB), particular cases with incoherent fields, and radiative transfer with reciprocal transactions (R2T2). He also presents very preliminar and recent results obtained by his team at the University of Finland on incoherent backscattering experimetns on millions of spherical particles. In this talk he also revisits space weathering in the context of radiative transfer theory and presents some experiments carried out with olivine.