High-redshift BL Lac Objects: Spectroscopy of Candidates

Landoni, M.; Paiano, S.; Falomo, R.; Scarpa, R.; Treves, A.
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The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 861, Issue 2, article id. 130, 8 pp. (2018).

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We report on 16 BL Lacertae objects that were proposed to be at z > 1. We present spectroscopic observations secured at the 10.4 m GTC that allowed us to assess the redshift of these sources. In particular, for five objects, we disprove the previous value of the redshift reported in the literature and found that they lie at z < 1. Moreover, two of them exhibit broad emission lines that are not characteristic of BL Lacertae objects. On the other hand, for eight targets, we improve the tentative value of z, previously based on only one feature, by detecting a number of emission lines. Finally, in three cases, we detect the onset of the Lyα forest at z > 2.50. Based on the new high quality spectra, we found that only half of the observed objects can be classified as bona-fide BL Lacs.
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