A measurement at the first acoustic peak of the cosmic microwave background with the 33-GHz interferometer

Harrison, D. L.; Rubiño-Martin, J. A.; Melhuish, S. J.; Watson, R. A.; Davies, R. D.; Rebolo, R.; Davis, R. J.; Gutiérrez, C. M.; Macias-Perez, J. F.
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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 316, Issue 2, pp. L24-L28.

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This paper presents the results from the Jodrell Bank-Instituto de Astrofisicia de Canarias (IAC) two-element 33-GHz interferometer operated with an element separation of 32.9 wavelengths and hence sensitive to 1°-scale structure on the sky. The level of cosmic microwave background (CMB) fluctuations, assuming a flat CMB spatial power spectrum over the range of multipoles l=208+/-18, was found using a likelihood analysis to be ΔTl63-6+7μK at the 68per cent confidence level, after the subtraction of the contribution of monitored point sources. Other possible foreground contributions have been assessed and are expected to have negligible impact on this result.