Astrophysical research


The research activity at the IAC is structured around individual astrophysical research projects. These projects are grouped into six global research lines that cover most fields of theoretical, observational or instrumental astrophysics. The individual research projects are led and managed by a Principal Investigator (PI) and can include scientists at pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, tenured and senior levels. The links and collaborations with researchers from other centers are recognized and encouraged. 

Singular projects

  • Teide Observatory at dawn.
    Characterization of the Canary Island Observatories

    The IAC has long been aware of the importance of promoting initiatives for the characterization and protection of the Canarian Observatories (Roque de los Muchachos -ORM- on La Palma and Teide -OT- on Tenerife). For this reason, the Sky Quality Team was created and then a technical office for sky protection (OTPC) to ensure that the Law protecting

    Muñoz Tuñón