The IAC has the infrastructures and the scientific and technical equipment necessary to carry out its technological support activities, both for the own projects of astrophysical instrumentation, as well as for external collaborations in R&D

    Laboratory of Integrated Circuits (LABIC)
    LABIC (Laboratory of Integrated Circuits) is an IAC facility devoted to the design, packaging and measuring of integrated circuits with different tecnologies.
    García Vázquez
    Luis Fernando
    Rodríguez Ramos
  • Mechatronic Laboratory
    Mechatronic Laboratory
    Teodora Aleida
    Viera Curbelo
  • General view of the electronic design laboratory with several workbenches, electronic racks and cabinets for components and electronic parts
    Electronic Design Laboratory
    The laboratory has the necessary infrastructures for the development, integration and verification of electronic systems
    Óscar Manuel
    Tubio Araujo
    Luis Fernando
    Rodríguez Ramos
  • General view of the Electronics Workshop with several workbenches, cabinets and boxes to store components and electronic parts, and a technician working in one of the workbenches
    Electronics Workshop
    The Electronics Workshop is dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of electronic systems.
  • General view of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory with workbenches and computers and view in the background of the entrance to the shielded room
    Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
    The laboratory is used for carrying out measurement and experiments in an environment completely isolated from external electromagnetic interferences.
    Luis Fernando
    Rodríguez Ramos
  • General view of the Astronomical Image and Sensors Laboratory (LISA). View of a laboratory with cabinets, a workbench and various electronic and mechanical elements and cables
    Astronomical Image and Sensors Laboratory (LISA)
    The laboratory has the infrastructures and equipment to characterize astronomical sensors
    Joven Álvarez
    Luis Fernando
    Rodríguez Ramos