Projects for technology transfer and promotion of industrial collaboration

The IAC develops a large part of the avant-garde instruments required by its astrophysics research activities. In this way, it has acquired over time a prominent level in the most relevant technologies and knowledge areas in the development of scientific instrumentation. These technical capacities, in an interdisciplinary environment, are coordinated and optimized thanks to project management practices

  • Design and development of satellite payloads
    Design and development of satellite payloads
    Taking advantage of the accumulated experience of optomechanical and optoelectronic instrumentation design in extreme environments and in space, the IAC through IACTec designs and constructs payloads for observing the earth from satellites in low orbits.
  • Design and development of instruments and medical applications
    Design and development of instruments and medical applications
    Image acquisition and treatment technologies applied in astrophysics are equally useful in medical applications, for which IACTec designs and constructs commercial use prototypes and supports sustainable growth in developing countries.
  • Implementation of large telescopic infrastructures. 3D model of the European Solar Telescope and its building
    Implementation of large telescopic infrastructures
    Within the framework of IACTec as an integrating element of large telescope projects with the national and European science industry, the IAC designs and constructs in collaboration with international consortia the most ambitious telescopes of the moment: CTA, EST and NRT.