Severo Ochoa Programme



Encouraging the exchange of researchers has been part of the IAC's policy for the last 20 years and, in this sense, the Severo Ochoa Project contributes with a specific Mobility Programme to the promotion of stays by IAC staff at leading international research centres. 


IAC researchers have more than 40 ongoing collaborations with research groups around the world and participate in more than 20 major international consortia. The IAC's policy over the last 20 years has focused on promoting staff exchange, and approximately 4% of the SO Programme funds will be allocated to the mobility of permanent IAC staff and Ramón y Cajal researchers for visits, normally of one month's duration, to leading research institutions worldwide to allow more regular collaboration with other research groups, thus increasing the IAC's links with external experts.

The maximum funding provided by the Programme for a typical one-month stay is 4000 euros. This includes the travel cost, and the daily allowance and accommodation expenses which will follow the standard rules of the IAC for "Orden de Desplazamientos".  Funds are available to support stays in the period January 2020 till December 2023.


Funds are available to support stays until December 2023. Interested researchers should send their application to the Severo Ochoa Programme management team. The forms are available AT IAC OUTGOING RESEARCHERS. 

The Severo Ochoa Mobility Programme also aims to offer a Senior Visitor Programme at the IAC aimed at group leaders and senior staff from international centres of particular relevance. There are two types of visits: short stays, from 1 to 3 months, and long stays, from 6 to 12 months.


Enhancing existing networks of beneficial international research collaborations between the IAC staff and renowned researchers of other leading research institutions is one of the main goals of the Severo Ochoa mobility program. Visiting Professors will significantly contribute to strengthen the science made ​​by each of the six strategic research lines at the IAC. These visits will be supported with the following financial distribution covering travel, insurance, accommodation, meals and other eligible costs:

First month: Up to 3000 €

Subsequent months: Up to 2000 €

In any case diets to be claimed shall refer to those in force in national territory according to Royal Decree 462/2002.

  • Short-term visitors (senior researchers)

The funding programme offered by the Severo Ochoa Programme for hosting short visits (1 to 3 months) by senior researchers consists of: maximum funding of 3,000 euros for the first month (including travel costs) and 2,000 euros per month for the remaining months. 

This programme is in line with the regulations applied by the IAC in its "Visitors' Travel Grants". The forms for applications are available at VISITING RESEARCHERS.

  • LONG-TERM VISITORS (Outstanding Researchers)

One of the main objectives of the Severo Ochoa Mobility Programme is to strengthen existing networks of beneficial international collaborations between IAC staff and high-level researchers from other leading research centres. The visiting professors will make a significant contribution to strengthening the science being done in each of the IAC's six strategic research lines.

The IAC staff will propose long-term visits of internationally recognised professors to the Severo Ochoa Coordination Committee (CCSO). These visits may last up to 12 months and their travel, insurance, accommodation, board and lodging and other justifiable costs will be covered by the Mobility Programme.  


The forms - available at VISITING RESEARCHERS - must be filled in by scientists in charge of the IAC and sent to the Severo Ochoa management team at least 2 months before the visit. Any application for Visiting Professors submitted to the Severo Ochoa Programme must be approved by the CCSO. Visits can be requested for any period of time until December 2023.