Technical facilities

The IAC has the infrastructures and the scientific and technical equipment necessary to carry out its technological support activities, both for the own projects of astrophysical instrumentation, as well as for external collaborations in R&D

  • Panoramic view of the Fibre Optics Laboratory. On the left, machine to place the materials to be polished with control knobs on the upper part and workbenches with gas extractor hoods on the right
    Fibre Optics Laboratory
    The Fibre Optics Laboratory is used for the construction of optical fibre bundles for astronomical instrumentation.
  • Front view of the FPGAs analyser. Electronic device with a frontal keyboard, buttons and a screen
    FPGA logic analyser
    The logic analyser is a measuring instrument used for FPGA development
  • General view of the Instrument Maintenance Workshop with several work benches, cabinets and several machines under repair
    Instrument Maintenance Workshop
    The Instrument Maintenance Workshop performs the maintenance tasks of the telescopes and the astronomical instrumentation of the IAC.
  • View of the interferometer on a optical table in the laboratory. Optoelectronic device with in front of a large prism and a lens with a computer monitor with graphics on the back
    Optical quality measurement interferometer
    Laboratory of Integrated Circuits (LABIC)
    LABIC (Laboratory of Integrated Circuits) is an IAC facility devoted to the design, packaging and measuring of integrated circuits with different tecnologies.
    García Vázquez
    Luis Fernando
    Rodríguez Ramos
  • Diagram of the Spanish Supercomputing Network showing an Spain map with the different nodes connected by dot lines
    LaPalma supercomputer
    LaPalma supercomputer is one of fourteen nodes located on Spanish territory linked together to form the Spanish Supercomputing Network.