Technical facilities

The IAC has the infrastructures and the scientific and technical equipment necessary to carry out its technological support activities, both for the own projects of astrophysical instrumentation, as well as for external collaborations in R&D

  • Panoramic view of one the areas of the Assembly, Integration and Verification room. Large laboratory with work benches and multiple electronic devices and computers, with a large mechanical structure in assembly phase
    Large Instruments Assembly, Integration and Verification Room (AIV)

    The purpose of the AIV Room is the assembly, integration and verification of instrumentation for large telescopes.

    Reyes García-Talavera
  • General view of the Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratory. Medium-sized laboratory with work benches, electronic devices, mechanical tools and cabinets
    Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratory

    The Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratory provides the basic and specific infrastructures needed for the development and integration of the medium-sized mechanical systems developed at the Technology Division.

    Hernández González
  • Partial view of the mechanics workshop with technicians working. Author A. L. Aldai. Large workshop with several manufacturing machines and a technician on the right adjusting a piece in one of them
    Mechanics Workshop

    The Mechanics Workshop main purpose is the manufacture, measurement and assembly of mechanical parts.

  • Mechatronic Laboratory
    Mechatronic Laboratory
    Teodora Aleida
    Viera Curbelo
  • View of the evaporator machine and its associated electronics in the laboratory. View of the evaporator and its associated electronics in the laboratory. Machine with a reinforced door and a porthole, and two large racks with electronic components, buttons and indicators for the control of the machine
    Optical Coating Laboratory

    The Optical Coating Laboratory is used for depositing thin films onto optical surfaces

    José Luís
    Rasilla Piñeiro
    López López
  • Image of one of the polishing machines in the laboratory. Square machine with a mid-height sine to place the materials to be polished and with metal clamps on top to hold the polishing piece. The control knobs for the machine are in the upper part.
    Optical polishing machines

    Optical quality polishing machines