Technical facilities

The IAC has the infrastructures and the scientific and technical equipment necessary to carry out its technological support activities, both for the own projects of astrophysical instrumentation, as well as for external collaborations in R&D

  • View of the CT7 reflectometer on a mirror. Author A1pixel. Small device with a screen held by a technician's hand on the surface of a mirror

    Device dedicated to the measurement of the quality of mirrored surfaces.

  • View of the soldering station. Mobile head on a rail with a small spotlight to illuminate the metal surface over which it moves
    SMA/SMT soldering station

    The soldering stations are used during manufacturing and/or repairing electronic boards with surface mounting technology.

  • Front view of one of the special featured oscilloscopes. Apparatus with buttons, controls and indicators of different colors and a small monitor
    Special featured oscilloscopes

    An specially featured oscilloscope is used for high speed digital electronics systems development

  • View of the spectrophotometer in the laboratory. Medium sized device placed on a table with a trap door to place the samples to be measured and a computer and monitor for its control

    Device dedicated to the measurement of the transmission or reflection of materials as a function of wavelength

  • General view of the spectroradiometer in the laboratory

    Modular equipment for the measurement of the spectral response of components and optical systems.

  • Front view of the spectrum analyser. Electronic device with a keyboard, buttons and a small screen
    Spectrum analyser

    The spectrum analyser provides a valuable insight in the nature and shape of the radiated emisions of a system