This section includes scientific and technological news from the IAC and its Observatories, as well as press releases on scientific and technological results, astronomical events, educational projects, outreach activities and institutional events.

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The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: astronomical event of the year Photomontage
MUTANT, the tool in PROMISSE to characterize biological tissues at different depths Press release
An eclipse, a superconjunction, and the last meteor shower of the year: Geminids 2020 Press release
The Walk of the Stars of Science is inaugurated in La Palma Press release
New techniques are developed for producing synthetic catalogues of galaxies Press release
Agreement with D-Orbit to integrate DRAGO in the ION satellite Press release
The Roque de los Muchachos Observatory serves as an inspiration to the world tourism summit which is being held on La Palma Photomontage
A mechanism for removing dark matter from galaxies has been found Press release
A new stellar site for the formation of very heavy elements Research news
A Plague of Magnetic Spots Among the Hot Stars of Globular Clusters Research news
Colouring asteroid Bennu Research news
Astrophysical Technology for early detection of diabetic foot neuropathy Press release
The IAC renews its WiFi network platform Press release
The La Palma World Biosphere Reserve and the IAC work out a protocol to monitor and prevent invading species Press release
Aena and the IAC collaborate in the renewal of the lighting of the Tenerife South Airport Press release
The Spanish Goverment increases the budget of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias by 9 million euros Press release
Solved: the mystery of how dark matter in galaxies is distributed Press release
Discovery of a young forming planet around the nearby star AU Mic Research news
The Gran Telescopio Canarias finds the farthest black hole that belongs to a rare family of galaxies Press release
The IAC renews the data network of the Canary Observatories  Press release
IACTEC develops a system which can analyze subcutaneous tissues for early detection of illnesses Press release
Touching an asteroid and coming back: OSIRIS-REx and Bennu Press release
The role of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy in the evolution of our Galaxy Research news
Cosmic amorphous dust in the interstellar medium as a possible explanation for the Anomalous Microwave Emission Research news
DRAGO passes its tests for launch into space Press release
The puzzle of the strange galaxy made of 99.99% dark matter is solved Press release
Nailing Bennu's colors to the mast: new findings on the origin of this primitive body Press release
World experts prepare the first report for the United Nations on regulation of light pollution and mitigating the impact of satellite constellations Press release
New measurements of the solar spectrum verify Einstein’s theory of General Relativity Press release
A giant planet candidate transiting a white dwarf Research news
In defence of Optical Astronomy Press release
Dark and quiet skies for science and society Press release
The CHEOPS mission measures the properties of one of the hottest and most extreme extrasolar planets Press release
Large scale dynamical differences between active and non-active galaxies in the local Universe Research news
Astronomers find the first galaxy whose ultraviolet luminosity is comparable to that of a quasar Press release
Is the Large Magellanic Cloud spiral arm a stable structure? Research news
The impact of strong recombination on temperature determination in planetary nebulae Research news
The first “ultrahot Neptune” is discovered Press release
Exogeneous material found on the surface of asteroids Ryugu and Bennu Press release
The autumnal equinox from the Dolmen of Valdecaballeros Press release
Astronomy and Literature, together again in La Palma Press release
TESS, Spitzer and the GTC detect a planet orbiting a white dwarf for the first time Press release
Natural darkness to preserve night-time ecosystems Press release
25th anniversary of the discovery of the first brown dwarf Press release
The IAC is collaborating again with the Spanish-American Writers’ Festival in La Palma Press release
The presence of resonating cavities above sunspots has been confirmed Press release
Discovery of continuous infrared winds during the outburst of a black hole Research news
Allande Stars: beyond the stars, closer to our culture Press release
Continuous infrared winds discovered during the eruption of a stellar mass black hole Press release
Obra de referencia en Exoplanetología Press release
Communiqué from the IAC about the recent fire in Garafía Press release
The phosphorus that came from the stars Research news
The Perseids 2020 Press release
Stars rich in phosphorus: seeds of life in the universe Press release
Communiqué from the IAC. Telescopes of the ASTRI project Press release
Differences between the discs of active and non-active galaxies detected for the first time Press release
The IAC's most international astronomical adventure comes to an end Press release
Pedro Duque attends the “official opening” of IACTEC and presides over the Governing Council of the IAC Press release
The IAC has its qualification as a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence renewed Press release
Tidally trapped pulsations in a close binary star system Research news
The comet NEOWISE from the Canaries Press release
MAGIC telescopes test the quantum structure of space-time Press release
The structure of the famous Jet of material in M87, the brightest galaxy in the Virgo Cluster, revealed Press release
Activities for Asteroid Day Press release
A system of superearths has been detected around the brightest red dwarf in the sky Press release
A planet in the process of formation found round the nearby young star AU Mic Press release
A crucial test for astronomical spectrograph calibration with frequency combs Research news
The LST-1 telescope on La Palma detects the Crab Pulsar at very high-energy Press release
The Head of the Department of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Canary Government visits the IAC Press release
Research in the Canary Island observatories, main theme of the recent meeting of their International Scientific Committee Press release
The IAC is deeply saddened by the death of the young astrophysicist Rebeca Galera
The Agreement for the use of the IACTEC building has been signed Press release
The International Summer Course for teachers celebrates its sixth edition in 'online' format Press release
Hot stars are plagued by giant magnetic spots Press release
The online training by PETeR reaches 180 teachers from all over Spain Press release
ESPRESSO confirms the nearest exo-Earth with unprecedented precision Press release
The evolutionary history of the Milky Way determined in more detail than ever Press release
The changing-look optical wind of the flaring X-ray transient Swift J1858.6-0814 Research news
Nightside condensation of iron in an ultrahot giant exoplanet Research news
TESS satellite dates an ancient collision with our galaxy Research news
El proyecto educativo "CosmoLAB" cumple dos años Press release
The astronomer Guido Münch, a great friend of the IAC, has died Press release
GUIDO MÜNCH: «En Marte pudo haber vida, de la que tal vez se podrían encontrar restos fósiles si buscásemos en el lugar apropiado” Interview
IAC Scientists have characterized over 200 new clusters of galaxies first detected by the Planck satellite using the telescopes on La Palma Press release
A chromospheric resonance cavity in a sunspot mapped with seismology Research news
The IAC is designing and making material for protection against COVID-19 Press release
Lyrids 2020: wishes through the window Press release
The CHEOPS mission, in which the IAC is participating, observes its first exoplanets Press release
Investigate the Universe with robotic telescopes: new training with the PETeR project
An ionised bubble powered by a proto-cluster at z = 6.5 Research news
La Palma telescopes participate in the discovery of a young blazar produced by the merger of two galaxies Press release
How to see April's Supermoon from home Press release
JOSÉ LULL: "The Egyptian astronomers used to observe from the terraces of the temples and palaces" Interview
Young stars found in the oldest and most massive galaxies in the Universe Research news
Public version of PORTA, a novel 3D radiative transfer code Press release
The IAC joins the cultural and educational initiatives to help confront Covid-19 with the campaign "#IACUniversoEnCasa" Press release
Arte y Ciencia I: La fórmula del lápiz Blog post
Scientists discover the first pulsating white dwarf in an eclipsing binary system Press release
The IAC presents the video of the POLMAG project Press release
A huge superbubble observed in an interacting galaxy Press release
Observed: an exoplanet where it rains iron Press release
Observed: an occultation of a brown dwarf by another Press release
The return of “Girls who broke a glass ceiling looking at the sky" Press release
Astronomers discover a pulsating teardrop-shaped star Press release
Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the woman who discovered pulsars Blog post
The March “Supermoon” will bid goodbye to winter next to the shadow of Teide Press release
EELabs: sustainable use of artificial lighting Press release
Astronomers discover a white dwarf formed by the merger of two stars Press release
The IAC will be participating in the Spanish Small Satellites International Forum 2020 Press release
IAC researcher José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa, next Secretary General of the International Astronomical Union Interview
The Japanese ambassador to Spain visits the IAC and the Canary Observatories Press release
A step forward to solve the mystery of ultra-diffuse galaxies Press release
Are ultra-diffuse galaxies Milky Way-sized? Research news
Sucessful test of new technology which should help to discover “other Earths” Press release
New edition of "Girls who broke a glass ceiling while looking at the sky" Press release
The Town Council of Tequeste visits the IAC Press release
February 11th: an unceasing commitment to equality Press release
The extreme CNO-enhanced composition of a primitive iron-poor dwarf star Research news
ROGER DAVIES: “It would be wonderful to have the TMT here in La Palma, at the Roque, and of course there would be the potential for European participation” Interview
The first one day meeting on the protection of the sky and employment opportunities has been held
Red nuggets at the center of nearby galaxies Research news
Presentation of the book “Observing the Sun from Tenerife. An adventure above the sea of clouds” Press release
Confirming new physics in space Research news
La Fundación Starlight gana el Reto FiturNext 2020 Photomontage
Astronomers detect large amounts of oxygen in the atmosphere of a primitive star Press release
JEFFREY R. KUHN: “In our lifetime we are going to wake up some morning to the news that we have discovered life” Interview
TESS satellite dates an ancient collision with our galaxy Press release
The Report on the Socio-economic Impact of the TMT on La Palma has been presented Press release
The Quadrantid meteor shower: start the year with a good wish Press release
RAFFAELLA MORGANTI: "The first image of a black hole was an important milestone for astrophysics" Interview
Astronomical Calendar 2020
Cheops, an orbiting telescope to characterize exoplanets
Young stars found in the oldest and most massive galaxies in the universe Press release
GEMÍNIDAS 2019: The big winter meteor shower!
The VI Conference “Science with the Gran Telescopio Canarias” opens General
Sources of light which appear and disappear observed in the sky
VI Conference on Science with the GTC Press release
Asteroid Bennu revealed as an active object by the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission Press release
Lecture "The first circumnavegation of the world. Discovering new skies, islands, and cultures"
Scientists find the explanation at the high temperatures of the solar corona Press release
Winter School was finished on fluids dynamics in Astrophysics Press release
Discovery of the highest-energy photons from a gamma-ray burst by the MAGIC telescopes Research news
Discovery of a massive black hole companion to a B-type star from radial velocity measurements Research news
ENTREVISTA CON SASCHA HUSA. “Esperamos entender el origen y evolución del Universo a través de las ondas gravitacionales” Interview
Three supermassive black holes detected in interacting galaxies
Astronomers discover a giant black hole that challenges current models of stellar evolution Press release
The XV Science and Innovation Weeks in the Canaries have ended
Charla pública: «Ondas gravitacionales. Los sonidos del Universo» Press release
MAGIC telescopes detect the first gamma-rays burst at very high energies Press release
The number of visitors to GRANTECAN is greater than 10,000 per year and a new surround exhibit is opened Press release
The Computational Dynamics of Fluids, the main theme of the IAC Winter School Press release
A promising future for the Canary Island Observatories Press release
The IACTECagreement of collaboration between the IAC and EMXYS for the development of technological, scientific and human resources in the island has been signed. Press release
Scientists from the US, Japan and Europe meet to discuss the results of the CLASP-2 experiment Press release
Experts debate in La Palma the future of the European research infrastructures Press release
Direct broadcast of the transit of Mercury General
Mercury passes across the face of the Sun for the fourth time in the present century Press release
The Consul of Japan in the Canary Islands visits the IAC Press release
Amanar: an astronomical seed planted in Tindouf Press release
The IAC is participating in the Weeks of Science and Innovation in the Canaries Press release
The early sequence of events that shaped the Milky Way Research news
DESI opens its 5.000 eyes to capture the colors of the Cosmos Press release
The Consul General of the Embassy of the United States in Madrid visits the IAC
Free access to the largest catalogue of objects observed by Grantecan Press release
The project “Amanar, under the same sky”, Astronomy for Peace and Development Press release
Violent flares in the centre of a black hole system Press release
Didier Queloz, Physics Nobel Prize Winner 2019, Is Developing an Advanced Terrestrial Planet Hunter for the Isaac Newton Telescope Press release
A giant exoplanet orbiting a very-low-mass star challenges planet formation models Research news
The latest advances in the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and their consequences for problems such as that of dark matter have been presented Press release
EMIR and MEGARA, two instruments giving excellent results on GRANTECAN Press release
The Universities of Turku (Finland) and Aarhus (Denmark) are the new owners of the NOT Press release
Fullerenes discovered in a star formation region in Perseus Press release
Hard-state Accretion Disk Winds from Black Holes Research news
Astronomers find an unusual planetary system which challenges models of planet formation Press release
The IAC and the Observatorios de Canarias will participate in the " European Researchers' Night" Press release
El youtuber David Calle visita el IAC Press release
A look at the subatomic world from the IAC Press release
Fullerenes in the IC 348 star cluster of the Perseus molecular cloud Research news
Exploring a new definition of the green valley and its implications Research news
The Gran Telescopio Canarias obtains the visible spectrum of C/2019 Q4 (Borisov), the first confirmed interstellar comet Press release
Do we need a galactic disc to form stars? Research news
Dual dust chemistry around evolved stars of the Large Magellanic Cloud Research news
Literature and Astronomy: connected universes Press release
The IAC collaborates again with the Hispano-american Festival of Authors, in La Palma Press release
Sharper view of the cosmos through reproducible science Press release
Close collaboration between the City Council of La Laguna and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias Press release
The President of the Canary Islands Parliament visits the IAC to learn more about the TMT project Press release
Ana Rosa Mena vista la sede del IAC en La Laguna Press release
Mayoress of Tegueste visits the IAC Press release
A “gold mine” is detected in a collision of two distant stars Press release
Proclamation of the unanimous support from the Canarian public bodies for the construction of the TMT on La Palma Press release
A week of astronomical activities in the municipality of Garafía Press release
The Perseids2019, a spectacle in the early hours Press release
Astronomers find a nearby system of exoplanets with a potentially inhabitable world Press release
The Governing Council of the IAC gives firm support to the building of the TMT on La Palma Press release
10 years of the GTC: Amazing science with an astonishing telescope Press release
El Centro Nacional de Arte de Tokio expone “100 Lunas cuadradas” Press release
Memories of the universe, half a century of astrophysical research Press release
The early days of the Milky Way revealed Press release