This section includes scientific and technological news from the IAC and its Observatories, as well as press releases on scientific and technological results, astronomical events, educational projects, outreach activities and institutional events.

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XVII aniversario de la Declaración Starlight en Defensa del Cielo Nocturno Photomontage
El IAC da pasos firmes en su compromiso continuo con la Igualdad Press release
Sixth edition of "Talk to Them: Women in Astronomy" and other initiatives to celebrate the Day of Women and Girls in Science Press release
Calendario astronómico de 2024 Photomontage
Gemínidas en defensa del cielo nocturno Press release
Official inauguration of the educational project CosmoLab 2023-2027 Photomontage
Carmen del Puerto receives the outreach award at the Villa de La Orotava Science Fair Photomontage
Starmus premieres documentary and announces a special edition of the festival on La Palma Photomontage
Astronomy day with Saharawi children and their host families on Tenerife Photomontage
Impressive images of the Ring Nebula as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope Photomontage
La lluvia más esperada del verano Press release
The ninth edition of the AEACI promotes astronomy education once more Photomontage
The definitive book about the cultural role of astronomy in ancient Egypt Press release
New Open Days at the Teide Observatory Press release
The IAC and the Canary company Light Bridges will collaborate to install a robotic telescope in the Teide Observatory Photomontage
The IAC moves forward in its commitment to equality Press release
The IAC joins the Open Administration Week with visits to the La Palma Supercomputing Node Photomontage
Education and social awareness activities to promote the participation of women and girls in Science Press release
The IAC hosted the meetings of the PERTE Chip Commissioner, with firms and academic departments in the semiconductor field Photomontage
¿Qué le pides al nuevo año? Cuadrántidas 2023 Press release
Last wishes of the year: Geminids 2022 Press release
The challenges of Astrophysics and Cosmology Photomontage
Can we listen to dark matter? Photomontage
The autumnal equinox from the Dolmen of Magacela Press release
Solar physicists build a 2D model which can explain the bright points in the solar corona Press release
Over a hundred local inhabitants of Garafía attended the Open Day at he Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory Photomontage
Perseids against light pollution Press release
The first edition of the DRAGO educational project has been concluded Photomontage
The IAC and the Museum of Science and the Cosmos invite the public to view the first images of the James Webb Space Telescope Press release
The Subsecretary of Science and Innovation visits the Canary Islands Observatories Photomontage
The IAC once again celebrates its Astronomical Education Adventure in face-to-face format Press release
"Amigos del IAC" visitan el Observatorio del Teide Photomontage
Beatriz Villarroel is awarded the L’Oréal-Unesco Prize for Women in Science Press release
A dawn eclipse Press release
The educational programme “ Our students and the Roque de los Muchachos” is starting up again Press release
The cultural and sky landscape of the Way of Saint James Press release
MAGIC Telescope System detects energetic nuclear blast from vampire star Press release
The exhibition “AstrónomAs” which gives visibility to women in Astronomy has arrrived in Tenerife Press release
Abierto el plazo de solicitudes del Plan de Acción Social 2022 General
IAC is participating in a full programme of activities for the Day of Women and Girls in Science Press release
2022 Astronomical Calendars Press release
El mejor regalo para comenzar el año: Cuadrántidas 2022 Press release
The Visitor Centre at the Roque de los Muchachos and the Starmus Festival: two gateways to the Universe and to the recovery of La Palma Press release
Geminids 2021: the last wishes of the year Press release
Public lecture: “Formation and evolution of the large scale structure of the Universe: clusters of galaxies” Press release
The IAC has published the book “In a certain place in the Universe….” with contributions from well-known writers, and proceeds to charity Press release
The Equinox from the Basilica of Santa Lucía del Trampal Press release
Allande, Historia y Patrimonio bajo las estrellas Press release
Now available in open access some of the lectures of the latest educational adventure of the IAC Press release
The Perseids 2021: the most awaited meteor shower of the summer Press release
The seventh edition of the "Astronomy Education Adventure in the Canary Islands" pays tribute to the mythical series COSMOS Press release
Curso básico de Igualdad de Género General
PETeR's new online courses for teachers Press release
Plan de Acción Social 2021 - Listado provisional de solicitudes admitidas General
The natural brightness of the night sky Press release
The Eta Aquariids 2021: echos of a meteor shower to study the Solar System Press release
How to improve your scientific presentations General
Daniel Nóbrega Siverio, an IAC researcher, wins European Physical Society prize Press release
Astronomy and Landscape in the city of Caral, the oldest city in the Americas Press release
Ideas for future NASA missions searching for extraterrestrial civilizations Press release
El IAC reivindica la labor de sus trabajadoras en el Día Internacional de la Mujer Press release
“¿Qué querías ser cuando eras pequeña?” Press release
11th February, on-line activities to encourage scientific careers for younger girls Press release
New edition of “Talk to them: Women in Astronomy” Press release
Quadrantids 2021: our best wishes for the start of a new year Press release
2021 Astronomical Calendars Press release
The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: astronomical event of the year Photomontage
MUTANT, the tool in PROMISSE to characterize biological tissues at different depths Press release
An eclipse, a superconjunction, and the last meteor shower of the year: Geminids 2020 Press release
The Walk of the Stars of Science is inaugurated in La Palma Press release
Agreement with D-Orbit to integrate DRAGO in the ION satellite Press release
A mechanism for removing dark matter from galaxies has been found Press release
Astrophysical Technology for early detection of diabetic foot neuropathy Press release
The IAC renews its WiFi network platform Press release
The La Palma World Biosphere Reserve and the IAC work out a protocol to monitor and prevent invading species Press release
The Spanish Goverment increases the budget of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias by 9 million euros Press release
The IAC renews the data network of the Canary Observatories  Press release
IACTEC develops a system which can analyze subcutaneous tissues for early detection of illnesses Press release
DRAGO passes its tests for launch into space Press release
The autumnal equinox from the Dolmen of Valdecaballeros Press release
Natural darkness to preserve night-time ecosystems Press release
Allande Stars: beyond the stars, closer to our culture Press release
Obra de referencia en Exoplanetología Press release
The Perseids 2020 Press release
The IAC's most international astronomical adventure comes to an end Press release
Pedro Duque attends the “official opening” of IACTEC and presides over the Governing Council of the IAC Press release
The IAC has its qualification as a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence renewed Press release
The comet NEOWISE from the Canaries Press release
Activities for Asteroid Day Press release
The Agreement for the use of the IACTEC building has been signed Press release
The International Summer Course for teachers celebrates its sixth edition in 'online' format Press release
The online training by PETeR reaches 180 teachers from all over Spain Press release
El proyecto educativo "CosmoLAB" cumple dos años Press release
GUIDO MÜNCH: «En Marte pudo haber vida, de la que tal vez se podrían encontrar restos fósiles si buscásemos en el lugar apropiado” Interview
The astronomer Guido Münch, a great friend of the IAC, has died Press release
The IAC is designing and making material for protection against COVID-19 Press release
Lyrids 2020: wishes through the window Press release
How to see April's Supermoon from home Press release
JOSÉ LULL: "The Egyptian astronomers used to observe from the terraces of the temples and palaces" Interview
Public version of PORTA, a novel 3D radiative transfer code Press release
The IAC joins the cultural and educational initiatives to help confront Covid-19 with the campaign "#IACUniversoEnCasa" Press release
Arte y Ciencia I: La fórmula del lápiz Blog post
The IAC presents the video of the POLMAG project Press release
Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the woman who discovered pulsars Blog post
The return of “Girls who broke a glass ceiling looking at the sky" Press release
The IAC will be participating in the Spanish Small Satellites International Forum 2020 Press release
IAC researcher José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa, next Secretary General of the International Astronomical Union Interview
The Japanese ambassador to Spain visits the IAC and the Canary Observatories Press release
The Town Council of Tequeste visits the IAC Press release
New edition of "Girls who broke a glass ceiling while looking at the sky" Press release
February 11th: an unceasing commitment to equality Press release
ROGER DAVIES: “It would be wonderful to have the TMT here in La Palma, at the Roque, and of course there would be the potential for European participation” Interview
Presentation of the book “Observing the Sun from Tenerife. An adventure above the sea of clouds” Press release
Astronomers detect large amounts of oxygen in the atmosphere of a primitive star Press release
JEFFREY R. KUHN: “In our lifetime we are going to wake up some morning to the news that we have discovered life” Interview
The Quadrantid meteor shower: start the year with a good wish Press release
Asteroid Bennu revealed as an active object by the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission Press release
Winter School was finished on fluids dynamics in Astrophysics Press release
ENTREVISTA CON SASCHA HUSA. “Esperamos entender el origen y evolución del Universo a través de las ondas gravitacionales” Interview
The number of visitors to GRANTECAN is greater than 10,000 per year and a new surround exhibit is opened Press release
Amanar: an astronomical seed planted in Tindouf Press release
The IAC is participating in the Weeks of Science and Innovation in the Canaries Press release
The project “Amanar, under the same sky”, Astronomy for Peace and Development Press release
Didier Queloz, Physics Nobel Prize Winner 2019, Is Developing an Advanced Terrestrial Planet Hunter for the Isaac Newton Telescope Press release
The latest advances in the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and their consequences for problems such as that of dark matter have been presented Press release
Fullerenes discovered in a star formation region in Perseus Press release
The IAC and the Observatorios de Canarias will participate in the " European Researchers' Night" Press release
El youtuber David Calle visita el IAC Press release
The IAC collaborates again with the Hispano-american Festival of Authors, in La Palma Press release
Sharper view of the cosmos through reproducible science Press release
The Perseids2019, a spectacle in the early hours Press release
El Centro Nacional de Arte de Tokio expone “100 Lunas cuadradas” Press release
Teachers from five countries embark on a new astronomical adventure in the Canaries Press release
Ending of the course for teachers “Get close to the Cosmos” Press release
10 years bringing Astrophysics to the school community of La Palma Press release
Amanar: under the same sky Press release
Daniel Nóbrega, with a doctorate at the IAC, is awarded the SEA prize for the best thesis of 2018 Press release
Chile and Argentina feature in the next solar eclipse Press release
Open Days 2019 at the Teide Observatory Press release
Takaaki Kajita: “The detection of gamma-rays with the CTA will be the key to discovering new sources of neutrino emission” Interview
Registration for the V International Summer Course "Astronomy Adventure in the Canary Islands" is now open Press release
The project “CosmoLAB: the solar system as a laboratory in the classroom” is one year old Press release
The CTA and the IAC celebrate the International Day of Light with an outreach day in Garafía Press release
Back to the Lithium Plateau with the [Fe/H] < -6 star J0023+0307 Research news
Spiral-shaped wavefronts in a sunspot umbra Research news
“GALACTICA”: the biggest panorama of the Milky Way is complete Press release
The Canary Islands Observatories visit the European Parliament Press release
The “100 Square Moons” exhibition inaugurated in Tokyo Press release
La exposición “100 Lunas cuadradas” viaja a Japón y a Bruselas Press release
The IAC, re-elected to the Science Lab of Microsoft's Azure computer network Press release
Santa Cruz gives prestige and protagonism to the work of women in the world of science Press release
El Equinoccio de Primavera desde el dolmen de Lácara Press release
“Las mujeres somos parte de CTA; gran parte de su ciencia se hace gracias a nosotras” Interview
“The Lost Honour of Henrietta Leavitt” now on the IAC video channels Press release
GRANTECAN opens its doors to its observing nights Press release
MACARENA GARCÍA MARÍN: “Queremos que los científicos del IAC y la comunidad europea en general utilicen el James Webb” Interview
BEGOÑA VILA: “El James Webb es un telescopio para todos, para toda la Humanidad” Interview
Olga Atanackovic: “Numerical methods in radiative transfer can also be used in many other fields, like engineering and industry” Interview
A new chapter in the series “Girls who broke a glass ceiling looking at the sky” Press release
Reunión del proyecto GOYA en La Laguna Press release
Encourage scientific and technological vocations among younger women Press release
Casiana Muñoz -Tuñón, new Deputy Director of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias Press release
A galaxy which outshines the rest Press release
2019 Calendar "100 square moons" Press release
Tecnología astrofísica aplicada a la Medicina Press release
Our solar neighbourhood is full of planets Press release
The dance of the small galaxies that surround the Milky Way Press release
Astrophysics in the Canaries generates 3.5 euros for every euro invested Press release
VALENTÍN MARTÍNEZ PILLET: "The DKIST and EST telescopes will contribute to predict solar magnetic storms" Interview
Special issue “Women in Astronomy” Press release
Astronomy at the Canary classrooms Press release
The women astrophysicists and engineers at the IAC, in the foreground Press release
The IAC and February 11th, International Day of Women and Girls in Science Press release
The Moon says goodbye to January in a big way Press release
“Las nubes de Andrómeda”, Astronomy Picture of the Day Press release
The Quadrantids and the first wishes of the year Press release
CAITLIN CASEY: “Queremos saber cómo se formaron las galaxias más extremas en el universo primitivo” Interview
JO PULS: “One of the current prime challenges is the evolution of massive binaries” Interview
MARIA BERGEMANN: “Miniscule changes in physical properties of late-type stars may have radical effects on the emitted radiation spectra” Interview
MATS CARLSSON: “In astrophysics we cannot perform experiments so we just have to extract information from the light the star emits” Interview
RAMÓN GARCÍA LÓPEZ: “La instalación del CTA en el Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos supondrá un gran impacto económico en La Palma” Interview
WERNER HOFFMAN: “Tenemos que investigar en los mejores lugares, como Canarias, para progresar, no solo en Ciencia y en Tecnología, sino como sociedad” Interview
ANSELMO SOSA: “La apuesta por la transferencia tecnológica requiere adquirir una dinámica colaborativa con el sector empresarial” Interview
NORBERT HUBIN: “The laser star guide system with Adaptive Optics which allow us to have much better sky coverage and better telescope performance” Interview
ANTONIN BOUCHEZ: “Todos los instrumentos del GMT tendrán Óptica Adaptativa” Interview
IGOR NOVIKOV: “Dentro de 100 años, la máquina del tiempo será teóricamente viable” Interview
MARGARET BURBIDGE: "Los cuásares no están tan lejos como se pensaba" Interview
ALLAN SANDAGE: “La materia oscura podría estar constituida por rocas” Interview