This section includes scientific and technological news from the IAC and its Observatories, as well as press releases on scientific and technological results, astronomical events, educational projects, outreach activities and institutional events.

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The OTPC: thirty years working to protect the sky News report
The 5th edition of the "Acércate al Cosmos" course has been held Photomontage
The first edition of the DRAGO educational project has been concluded Photomontage
The IAC and the Museum of Science and the Cosmos invite the public to view the first images of the James Webb Space Telescope Press release
The Subsecretary of Science and Innovation visits the Canary Islands Observatories Photomontage
About metallicity variations in the local Galactic interstellar medium Research news
The IAC once again celebrates its Astronomical Education Adventure in face-to-face format Press release
A new planet hunter starts its work Press release
Proton acceleration in thermonuclear nova explosions revealed by gamma rays Research news
Gliese 486 b: a Rosetta stone for the study of exoplanets Press release
Two new rocky planets in the solar neighborhood Press release
Possible evidence of planet formation found in the Orion Nebula Press release
"Amigos del IAC" visitan el Observatorio del Teide Photomontage
Una alianza macaronésica para reducir la contaminación lumínica Press release
Beatriz Villarroel is awarded the L’Oréal-Unesco Prize for Women in Science Press release
The six-monthly meeting of the International Scientific Committee of the IAC observatories met in La Palma Photomontage
The star cluster Westerlund 1: a nursery of giant stars within the shadows Press release
The synchronized dance of the Magellanic Clouds star formation history Research news
A delegation from the Commission for Regional Development of the European Parliament visited the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory Photomontage
A new algorithm that simulates the intergalactic medium of the Universe in seconds is developed Press release
Dwarf galaxies: key laboratories for the study of dark matter Press release
A study gives accurate motions of the largest sample, to date, of galaxies in the Local Group Photomontage
The Incubator for High Technology in Astrophysics and Space at the IAC is working Photomontage
A dawn eclipse Press release
The educational programme “ Our students and the Roque de los Muchachos” is starting up again Press release
Astronomers observe potential magnetic flip around a supermassive black hole Press release
Astronomers discover a “black widow” binary star system with the shortest orbital period known Press release
Astronomers discover a four-planet system with a peculiar migration process Press release
The cultural and sky landscape of the Way of Saint James Press release
Testing fundamental physics with ESPRESSO Research news
MAGIC Telescope System detects energetic nuclear blast from vampire star Press release
BBVA Foundation's president, Carlos Torres Vila, visits the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory Photomontage
IAC scientists obtain one of the most general validations of Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence
The IAC and the AEMET sign a collaboration agreement Photomontage
Evidence of the impact of quasar driven outflows on recent star formation Research news
The exhibition “AstrónomAs” which gives visibility to women in Astronomy has arrrived in Tenerife Press release
The IAC presents its plan to reduce its carbon footprint by 80% to the Department of Ecological Transition Photomontage
VYACHESLAV LUKIN: “Solar observations without theoretical and computational models are like a car without wheels” Interview
Caught in the act: the winds driven by supermassive black holes directly impact star formation Press release
An ultraviolet wind in a neutron star X-ray binary transient Research news
A novel black hole mass scaling relation Research news
The IAC initiates a market survey which will strengthen La Palma’s digital connectivity Photomontage
A cold wind during the discovery outburst of a black hole Research news
Astronomers develop new method for taking the temperature of black holes Press release
Powerful warm winds discovered during a neutron star eruption Press release
Abierto el plazo de solicitudes del Plan de Acción Social 2022 General
The nature of an extreme B supergiant in Cygnus Research news
The second phase of the ALISIO-1 mission, which will take the latest version of the DRAGO infrared camera into space, gets under way Photomontage
Astronomers find a black hole which rotates highly inclined to its orbit Press release
Astronomers find in the Milky Way an unusual blue supergiant star travelling at high velocity Press release
DIEGO BLAS: “We are in a golden period when the connection between theory and observations is increasingly necessary" Interview
Supermassive black holes change the central regions of galaxies Press release
IAC scientists complete an unprecedented study of the masses of over 500 clusters of galaxies Press release
A sub-Earth confirmed in the planetary system of the closest star to the Sun Press release
IAC is participating in a full programme of activities for the Day of Women and Girls in Science Press release
SHARKS survey detects more than a million invisible sources in its first data release Press release
NORBERT LANGER: "There are still many uncertainties about the evolution of massive stars" Interview
A stellar stream remnant of a globular cluster below the metallicity floor Research news
The mystery of the brightest planetary nebulae Press release
MUSE reveals different gas components in planetary nebulae Research news
2022 Astronomical Calendars Press release
Astronomers discover first supernova explosion of a Wolf-Rayet star Press release
A primitive stellar structure helps us to unravel the earliest phases of the Milky Way Press release
El mejor regalo para comenzar el año: Cuadrántidas 2022 Press release
Origin of stellar prolate rotation in a cosmologically simulated faint dwarf Research news
A dwarf irregular galaxy caught in transition Research news
Astronomers find Milky Way analogue galaxy in the early universe Press release
The Visitor Centre at the Roque de los Muchachos and the Starmus Festival: two gateways to the Universe and to the recovery of La Palma Press release
Astronomers confirm the existence of a cosmic supervoid that challenges our understanding of dark energy Press release
A dense ultra-short period sub-Earth planet transiting a nearby red dwarf star Research news
ESPRESSO puts the physical constants to the test Press release
Diana Morant presides over the Governing Council of the IAC Press release
The “last breaths” in the lives of galaxies Press release
Geminids 2021: the last wishes of the year Press release
Astronomers discover an ultra-light and super-fast sub-Earth orbiting a red dwarf Press release
Study reveals that giant planets could reach "maturity" much earlier than previously thought Press release
Successful closure of the XXXII IAC Winter School Press release
Solving the enigma of the brightest planetary nebulae Research news
Mapping the hidden magnetic field of the quiet Sun Research news
Public lecture: “Formation and evolution of the large scale structure of the Universe: clusters of galaxies” Press release
Astronomers discover ancient brown dwarf with lithium deposits intact Press release
Clusters of galaxies: features of the XXXII IAC Winter School Press release
Constraints on the dust extinction law of the Galaxy Research news
Discovery of pulsations in the nitrogen-rich PG1159 star PG 1144+005 Research news
Detection of TiO and Na in the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter HAT-P-65b Research news
Characterization of the host galaxy from gamma-ray blazars Research news
Testing the extreme acceleration mechanisms in the supermassive black holes neighborhood Research news
IAC80 telescope detects faint transit of exoplanet WASP-156b Photomontage
Magnetic turbulence hidden in the Whirlpool Galaxy Press release
The committee of experts of the US Academy of Science considers that the TMT is a priority, and maintains La Palma as a possible site Press release
Diana Morant, Minister of Science and Innovation, visits the Centre for Astrophysics in La Palma Press release
Images from the Hubble Space Telescope and GRANTECAN help to show how the first galaxies were formed Press release
Vice-president Calviño anounces her support for the project to improve the connectivity of La Palma by fibre optics Press release
CCI Declaration of Solidarity with La Palma
CLASP2.1: a new suborbital space mission for mapping the magnetic field of the solar chromosphere Press release
Rocky exoplanets and their host stars may have similar composition Press release
Einstein’s Principle of Equivalence verified in quasars for the first time Press release
The IAC has published the book “In a certain place in the Universe….” with contributions from well-known writers, and proceeds to charity Press release
PIERO BENVENUTI: “La Palma and the Canary Islands are among the best astronomical sites in the world”. Interview
The silent beauty of the night sky Press release
Are ultra-diffuse galaxies structurally similar to low-surface-brightness galaxies? Research news
Calibrating the Rossby number, a key parameter to study the magnetic activity of stars Research news
Solving the paradox of the enigmatic solar sodium D1 line polarization Research news
The Cumbre Vieja volcano taken with the DRAGO camera from orbit Press release
IAC Statement: Volcanic eruption in La Palma
Testing Einstein's equivalence principle at early cosmological epochs with quasar observations Research news
New data obtained about the biggest and one of the most complete Einstein rings Press release
The Equinox from the Basilica of Santa Lucía del Trampal Press release
IAC Statement: Volcanic eruption in La Palma
Measuring darkness in remote places Press release
CASIANA MUÑOZ-TUÑÓN “ If they aren’t controlled, in only a few years the satellite constellations will have a serious impact on ground-based astronomy” Interview
Dust in the central parsecs of unobscured AGN provides more challenges to the torus Research news
Anatomy of the impact of a protostellar jet in the Orion Nebula Press release
Communiqué from the IAC: Sentence about the concession of the land for the construction of the TMT to the IAC
IRSOL and IAC scientists solve a complex paradox in solar physics Press release
A nonlinear damping mechanism for waves in the solar corona Research news
Allande, Historia y Patrimonio bajo las estrellas Press release
The star formation rate evolution of low-mass galaxies as seen by OTELO Research news
Now available in open access some of the lectures of the latest educational adventure of the IAC Press release
A study offers new prospects for finding life outside the Earth Press release
The Perseids 2021: the most awaited meteor shower of the summer Press release
Astronomers discover how to feed a black hole Press release
Black holes modulate star formation in neighboring galaxies Research news
Rotation found in three galaxies satellites of the Milky Way Press release
WEAVE is ready to start operating in La Palma Press release
A large tidal stream observed in the Sombrero galaxy Press release
The first light pollution laboratory in the Azores Press release
Satellite galaxies can carry on forming stars when they pass close to their parent galaxies Press release
Meeting of the Governing Committee of the Roque de los Muchachos Visitor Centre Photomontage
CHEOPS unexpectedly detects a unique exoplanet Press release
The IAC and the ULPGC renew their collaboration agreement on medical technology Press release
The DRAGO camera takes its first images of the Canaries from space Press release
The June solstice will be broadcast from Gran Canaria Press release
La Palma will host an international conference for the protection of the night sky Press release
International Prize for the Conservation of the Canary sky Photomontage
The Cabildo of La Palma, the IAC, and Starmus join forces to bring the Festival to La Palma in 2022
The seventh edition of the "Astronomy Education Adventure in the Canary Islands" pays tribute to the mythical series COSMOS Press release
A study shows the unexpected effect of black holes beyond their own galaxies Press release
The IAC passes successfully the pre-optical revision of the instrument HARMONI Press release
The origin of the first structures formed in galaxies like the Milky Way identified Press release
Curso básico de Igualdad de Género General
IACTEC: commited to technological training Press release
Astronomers discover a massive star cluster, of intermediate age, in the constellation Scutum Press release
Similar states of activity identified in supermassive and stellar mass black holes Press release
Does the Milky Way move like a spinning top? Press release
The European Solar Telescope will be installed on La Palma Press release
PETeR's new online courses for teachers Press release
Plan de Acción Social 2021 - Listado provisional de solicitudes admitidas General
The Ambassador of Portugal in Spain visits the IAC headquarters Photomontage
The natural brightness of the night sky Press release
The IAC and the ULL strengthen their research and teaching collaboration Photomontage
The IAC is participating in the DALI experiment, searching for the axion, proposed component of dark matter Press release
The Eta Aquariids 2021: echos of a meteor shower to study the Solar System Press release
The DRAGO camera takes its first images from space Press release
How to improve your scientific presentations General
A new super-Earth detected orbiting a red dwarf star Press release
Daniel Nóbrega Siverio, an IAC researcher, wins European Physical Society prize Press release
Astronomy and Landscape in the city of Caral, the oldest city in the Americas Press release
Agreement on the management of the Roque de los Muchachos Visitor Centre Press release
A titanic interstellar medium ejection from a massive starburst galaxy Research news
Efficient Bayesian inference of the evolving cosmic web from galaxy surveys Research news
Launch of Europe’s largest astronomy network Press release
New light on baryonic matter and gravity on cosmic scales Press release
El IAC y el CNRS firman un acuerdo para la creación del Laboratorio Franco-Español de Astrofísica de Canarias Press release
Downflowing umbral flashes as evidence of standing waves in sunspot umbrae Research news
Ideas for future NASA missions searching for extraterrestrial civilizations Press release
El IAC reivindica la labor de sus trabajadoras en el Día Internacional de la Mujer Press release
A nearby transiting rocky exoplanet that is suitable for atmospheric investigation Research news
A super-Earth is discovered which can be used to test planetary atmosphere models Press release
Neural networks to distinguish real and simulated galaxies Research news
Mapping solar magnetic fields from the photosphere to the corona Research news
The Secretary of State for Global Spain visits the Teide Observatory Press release
The Gran Telescopio Canarias discovers the largest cluster of galaxies known in the early universe Press release
Big Data to model the evolution of the cosmic web Press release
The CLASP2 space experiment achieves an unprecedented map of the Sun’s magnetic field from the photosphere up to the base of the corona Press release
Astronomers test a method for investigating cosmic inflation Press release
OMAIRA GONZÁLEZ MARTÍN: “The Canary Observatories have been essential in the advance of the study of nuclear activity in galaxies” Interview
“¿Qué querías ser cuando eras pequeña?” Press release
Post-common envelope binaries as the precursors of extremely red old stars Research news
11th February, on-line activities to encourage scientific careers for younger girls Press release
New edition of “Talk to them: Women in Astronomy” Press release
Collision of C-type Ryugu’s parent body with a rocky object Research news
Astronomers discover a surprising system of six exoplanets which orbit rhythmically Press release
Successful launch of DRAGO, IACTEC’s first infrared camera Press release
The Gran Telescopio Canarias observes Beethoven’s musical universe Press release
A challenge to models of star-formation truncation in massive galaxies Press release
Quadrantids 2021: our best wishes for the start of a new year Press release
2021 Astronomical Calendars Press release
The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: astronomical event of the year Photomontage
MUTANT, the tool in PROMISSE to characterize biological tissues at different depths Press release
An eclipse, a superconjunction, and the last meteor shower of the year: Geminids 2020 Press release
The Walk of the Stars of Science is inaugurated in La Palma Press release
New techniques are developed for producing synthetic catalogues of galaxies Press release
Agreement with D-Orbit to integrate DRAGO in the ION satellite Press release
The Roque de los Muchachos Observatory serves as an inspiration to the world tourism summit which is being held on La Palma Photomontage
A mechanism for removing dark matter from galaxies has been found Press release
A new stellar site for the formation of very heavy elements Research news
A Plague of Magnetic Spots Among the Hot Stars of Globular Clusters Research news
Colouring asteroid Bennu Research news
Astrophysical Technology for early detection of diabetic foot neuropathy Press release